It is a very good place and well organized and everything is good. The sessions are going very well and there are a lot of information which opened my mind!
Royal IHC
The atmosphere is very good! It is very lively atmosphere and people are very open for discussions and it is very broad public from very many disciplines and very international, so in that sense it is very very interesting to be here and see the various aspects of the oil and gas industry. In that i am very unique with being a shipbuilder amongst people who are interested in the upstream and in that sense it is interesting to be here.
Aker Arctic
It is been very pleasant, atmosphere is nice, organizing team has worked very well and everything is going as planned! I am pretty happy with it!
The summit is great! The organisation is perfect! People are very collaborative and i find a great opportunity to ocwaer new knowledge, new people and defenetly it is a way forward to prepare the industry for the arctic challenge that we will be facing in the near future.
The summit is very impressive to be able to bring together such expert panel of speakers across, such of range of disciplines. it is been very rewarding, it is been informative, i have learned a lot! And the net work opportunities are very valuable as well.