Events in 2023
International Fuel and Energy Summit. Uzbekistan
September 7 | Tashkent | Uzbekistan
An international specialized platform for key players in the fuel and energy complex of the Republic of Uzbekistan, created to exchange experience and jointly solve the set production tasks.

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II International Metallurgical Summit “Metals and Alloys. Kazakhstan"
November 15 | Almaty| Kazakhstan
A special platform for key players in the mining and metallurgical industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan and other countries. The event will bring together leaders of the metallurgy industry to share experience and discuss current industry trends. The participants of the Summit will share successful practices for improving production efficiency, and will also be able to form an idea of the relevant and innovative solutions offered by service companies and equipment manufacturers.

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II International Oil and Gas Summit. Kazakhstan
November 16 | Almaty| Kazakhstan
A specialized platform for leaders in the oil and gas industry, the main purpose of which is to bring together representatives of Upstream and Downstream to search for solutions in automation and digitalization, exchange experience and introduce innovations.

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International Energy Summit. Kazakhstan
November 17 | Almaty| Kazakhstan
An international specialized platform for key players in the energy industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the CIS countries, dedicated to the issues of energy supply, energy efficiency and digitalization of energy facilities, created to exchange experience in order to introduce new technologies and improve production performance.

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This is an exclusive closed-format event, which is attended by key decision-makers on the development of the industry: top managers and managers of industry and service companies, government agencies, consulting and scientific organizations.
The event structure includes

  • Congress on Strategic Issues of the Industry
  • Technical session on innovative solutions and technologies
  • Round tables in selected areas
  • Focus exhibition
  • Half-buffet gala dinner
List of participants

  • Senior management of companies
  • Middle management
  • Heads of key departments
  • Heads of technical departments
  • Representatives of government agencies
  • Analysts and experts
Opportunities offered
by participating in the Summit

  • Expanding business contacts, building direct mutually beneficial partnerships
  • Effective presentation of your company directly to the target audience
  • Get acquainted with market analytics, get information about industry trends and prospects "first-hand"
  • Interaction with oil and gas industry experts
  • Direct exposure to innovative technologies and cutting-edge technical solutions
  • Informal communication with colleagues during coffee breaks and gala dinners, discussing new ideas, approaches and projects
As a result, you will get

  • New contacts of potential clients and partners
  • Agreements on new contracts
  • Overview of the latest technologies and equipment
  • Access to industry information from the expert community
  • Development forecasts based on up-to-date analytics
  • New prospects for your business development